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Kuibao of Europe-Vilnius

0 Author 2021-07-31 16:35:41

  Eastern Europe is getting cooler. Unlike other well-known European destinations, Vilnius is rarely crowded with tourists. This summer, you can safely expect that there will be almost no crowds everywhere. So, if your goal is to walk on picturesque European streets, you can take a few pictures worth traveling to.

  Vilnius is the only European city where you can fly directly over the old town in a hot air balloon. The balloon also lifted off from just a few minutes away from the old town. There is no need to take a long drive to the fields to take a hot air balloon, they will pick you up from wherever you want to go and arrive at the take-off point in a few minutes.

  Vilnius has one of the most complete medieval cities in Europe. Despite so much large-scale destruction in the first half of the 20th century, the streets of Vilnius still retain the original buildings from the 13th to 18th centuries. So, take some time to feel the beauty for yourself. Therefore, many movies and TV shows are shot here, and they use the streets to portray Paris, Vienna, and other European cities.

  However, the flip side of the same thing is that Vilnius was also under Soviet control for most of the second half of the 20th century, so that era was also common. So much so that HBO's Chernobyl was actually filmed nearby.

  Vilnius is indeed a hidden gem in Europe. The sparsely crowded and charming place makes it a place that all travelers should add to their travel list.

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