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Recommended luggage for travel

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  The process of preparing for the trip is very interesting. Traveling starts with a tour guide, collecting tourist information, preparing travel supplies, such as clothes and necessary items, and planning travel supplies in advance is very important, because if you find that you don’t bring everything in the local area, you will lose your travel. Valuable time will also affect the mood of travel.


  Luggage is divided into the hard shell and softshell. The hard-shell luggage is made of harder plastic or aluminum alloy material, which has good strength and waterproofness. The opening method is divided into zipper-type hard-shell luggage and aluminum-frame hard-shell luggage. On the other hand, the material of the soft-shell luggage is soft and lightweight, because the fabric material is stretchable, the storage is good, and it also has a certain depth.

                  Travel luggage

  Cabin case─under 20 inches

  The size of the boarding case is about 16~20 inches, which is suitable for about 1~3 days during travel.

  Because it is light and easy to carry, it is suitable for two or three days of domestic or foreign business travel. If you want to find a small suitcase, it is very convenient to bring the boarding box on the plane. Usually, for an airplane with 100 seats or more, if the total length of the three sides of the suitcase (including handles and casters) does not exceed 115cm, then Can be carried with you.

  The advantage of using the check-in case is that you don’t need to wait for the luggage to arrive at the destination airport, you can take the check-in case and your carry-on luggage out of the customs directly.

  Medium suitcase

  The medium-sized suitcase is about 22~26 inches, suitable for about 3~7 days during travel.

  When traveling abroad, this is the most common luggage size, with various colors and design variations. The medium-sized suitcase is not as small as the boarding box, especially when traveling to cold regions, the sweaters and coats are very heavy, so choosing a medium-sized suitcase is a convenient size to use.

  Large suitcase (more than 1 week)

  Large suitcases are about 28 inches to 32 inches, suitable for trips that take more than a week during the travel period, such as long-term trips or overseas homestays. It can also be directly put in two people’s luggage or children’s luggage, which is very convenient.

  But pay attention to the restrictions on the weight and volume of luggage by airlines. There are certain restrictions on the weight that can be checked by each person. If it exceeds, the excess luggage will be charged. Therefore, as far as possible, bring only necessary travel supplies, clear out unnecessary weight, and use a light and small suitcase to make travel activities more convenient.

  TSA lock suitcase

  If you are planning to travel to the continental United States, Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, Alaska, etc., you need to use the "TSA Customs Lock" suitcase.

  The so-called "TSA lock" is a lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). There are strict security measures when entering the United States. The suitcase will be opened to check the contents. If the suitcase locked by TSA customs is used, TSA personnel can unlock it with special tools and lock it back after the inspection. But if it is a lock other than the TSA customs lock, it will be directly destroyed.

  Therefore, if you want to travel to the United States, you need to use a suitcase with a "TSA customs lock", or do not lock your luggage when checking in, just tie it with a luggage strap.

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