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How to choose a good suitcase can make your travel more motivated

0 Author 2021-07-17 18:06:47

  A suitcase is a good travel partner. A good suitcase can make your travel even more powerful, so the choice of suitcase is still very important.

  Common problems when purchasing luggage, how to choose the size of the luggage.

  This still depends on the number of days you travel and what you want to bring. If you are traveling or as a freshman, bring 28 inches, or 24 and 26. If you need to bring a suitcase on the plane, it will be at most. It can only be 20 inches.

  Many freshmen in college will ask, how many boxes should be brought to school, and what size are they.

  My suggestion is to bring two suitcases and one bag on your back. If there are more, you will not be able to carry them alone.

  The difference between soft box and hard box?

  Generally, the soft box is made of Oxford cloth or nylon fabric, and there are some partition zippers on the surface that can be used to stuff some spare parts. Relatively speaking, there will be more stuff, while the hard box has a lot more materials. ABS.PP.PC thermoplastic conforming materials, etc., are characterized by abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, waterproof and compression resistance. If you need to bring some glass objects or things that are afraid of bumps, then it will be more appropriate to choose a hard case .

  1 ABS:

  Advantages: high strength, relatively hard, and withstand heavier weight

  Disadvantage: brittle and not temperature resistant

  2 PC:

  Advantages: flexible and strong, resistant to collisions, the prototype can be restored

  Disadvantage: relatively soft

  3 PC+ABS: Hardness and flexibility are between PC and ABS.

  PC material>PC+ABS material>ABS material

  Where is the suitcase easy to break, what should I pay attention to when buying?

  Generally, the zipper, wheels, and levers are the most prone to damage, and if these three places are damaged during use, it is equivalent to saying that the box is scrapped, so be sure to check the quality of these places when buying.

  Is the suitcase protective cover useful?

  This is still useful, just like a mobile phone case, it is not only good-looking, but also protects the suitcase from violent friction from rough objects. If you are a friend of a soft case, you must buy one.

  Is the universal wheel important? Is the universal wheel easier to break than the one-way wheel?

  I personally suggest that if the box does not have a universal wheel, you should not buy it for any amount of money, because it is really inconvenient and there is no evidence that the structure of the universal wheel is more easily damaged. Choose a good quality universal wheel and have an excellent design. It must be much more convenient than a one-way wheel.

  The first is the problem of wheels. No matter how much it is, one-way wheels cannot be bought because it is really inconvenient, and one-way wheels have been eliminated. In recent years, they have basically not appeared on the market.

  If you need to take an airplane, you need to buy enough shock-resistant and shock-absorbing boxes for the box you choose.

  because the box will really be broken due to the impact force during the consignment process, and it is more troublesome to protect your rights. So it’s best to buy shock-resistant boxes in advance.

  Finally, you need to pay attention to the after-sales problem, because the suitcase is not like a mobile phone.

  If you buy it today, you will use it tomorrow. If you have a problem, you can find it at the time. Basically, it will only be used when you travel for more than ten days.So at this time Longer after-sales service and warranty service are needed.

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