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When camping, what are people enjoying?

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  Reinforced concrete, dust, and haze, with the increasing degree of industrialization and urbanization, people are farther and farther away from the countryside. The setting sun, cicadas calling, stars, and mountain springs have become romances that are difficult for urbanites to experience. Under the pressure of work and the repeated epidemics, "escape from the city" has gradually become a very tempting dream. Get away from the two-point and one-line life, enjoy the fresh outdoor air, and the freedom and freshness of camping. The urban white-collar workers' ultimate yearning for "camping life".

  Search for "exquisite camping", and you can see more than 10,000 hottest content. They use exquisite pictures and atmospheric text to describe outdoor recreation trips. It is hard not to be tempting.

  The outdoor activity of camping has undergone era changes. From the original backpack-and-go backpack camping, it has gradually developed into RV camping and exquisite camping with bags. At each stage, people's needs for camping are also different.

  The earliest origin of camping activities can be traced back to ancient times when the ancestors of human beings were not for leisure and vacation, but for "survival in the wilderness." Later, with successive years of fighting, camping and camping became a standing skill of the army, and camping trained soldiers to have the ability to survive and fight in the wild.

  In 1861, a campsite called Gunnery Camp led the boys on a two-week outing. Camping has become an activity for training boy scouts and training youth organizations to develop various life skills. It has certain leisure and entertainment attributes. This campground has also become the first leisure camp in the United States.

  In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, Americans discovered that camping was cheap and full of fun. Only then did people regard camping as a way of vacation. After World War II, camping exploded in the United States for the first time and became the most popular leisure activity for the whole people. Because of the heavy material and spiritual burden on the American people due to the war, millions of Americans were Stepping into the jungle camping to kill time and get close to nature.

When camping, what are people enjoying

  Then, camping gradually changed from a simple field activity to a new way of connecting people, which is a way for people to obtain peace of mind and spirit. Healing Japanese drama "Camping by One" takes single camping and food as the theme, and describes the characters who conduct single camping away from the city and embrace the natural and leisurely pastoral life. The story of meeting and talking with others, being attracted by food.

  Demands are changing, and the form of camping is constantly changing. Today, urbanites have found a balance between "wildness, primitive" and "urban, modern", and Glamping has become a new trend. The word "Glamping" evolved from Glamorous and Camping. As the literal meaning shows, camping is no longer a thing full of trials and hardships and requires trekking.

  The younger generation Z people are using their consumption methods to change camping. Different from the "ascetic" camping in the impression, exquisite camping pays attention to comfort and niche. Canopy tents, fishing net hammocks, all kinds of gorgeous light strings, and camping-style clothing have become standard equipment for exquisite camping, even sweet and delicious sparkling wine, freshly ground coffee, complete sets of advanced barbecue equipment, etc. With the heat of exquisite camping, it has become a must-have item.

  Cmping hot products recommendation

  People need to use exquisite outdoor camping equipment to show their unique taste and individual pursuit. What kind of camping supplies to choose, which is practical and can maximize the comfort and comfort?

  Cmping tent

  The quality of the tent is good, and the space is large. It is very convenient to open and store. It is very strong and practical, very comfortable, good sun protection, and comfortable to sleep in.

  Fshing set

  Everyone’s needs are different. If it is mainly for wild fishing, the requirements for the softness and hardness of the fishing rod are not so high, you can choose a softer and lighter one, which is more relaxed and pleasant to use.

  Otdoor audio

  combines portability with excellent sound quality, and aims to bring a free and comfortable listening experience. It can be used in many occasions and is convenient to carry around.

  Aerial drone

  The unique perspective can take wonderful photos, let you hold your breath, and bring a new light to the ordinary things around you. Go to interesting places to take some beautiful photos. When you fly out, you will usually attract others to come and ask you. It's a bit like keeping a dog, but it's much less troublesome.

  Car air pump

  One machine has multiple functions. It can inflate cars, balls, bicycles, air cushions, etc. It has powerful functions and is basically suitable for all current inflatable products. The host is small and does not take up space, so it can be easily stored in any position. The preset tire pressure can be inflated quickly by numerical control, and it will stop automatically after hitting.

  Portable power stations

  When camping, hiking, or traveling by car, you should always be prepared. In today's digital climate, it is crucial to have enough energy to charge all your electronic products and personal devices. A very convenient tool to mitigate potential disasters is a simple portable power station.

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