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Learn these ways and you'll never forget the password to your suitcase again

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      Luggage is an essential companion on our travels, but sometimes we may forget the password to our suitcase. This article will cover several ways to quickly unlock your suitcase to help you regain the convenience of storing things without destroying your suitcase.                                             

Reset the box password

1. Find the reset button on the suitcase. This button is usually located next to the combination lock and is a small hole or button.

2, use a sharp tool (such as a toothpick or needle) to press the button and hold it for 2 to 3 seconds until you hear a beep.

3, release the button and enter a new password in a few seconds, then rotate the latch back to its original position.

Use the default password

1. Check the luggage manual or the manufacturer's website to see if a default password is available.

2. If you have a default password, use it to unlock.

3. If there is no default password, try common simple passwords such as "000", "123", or "999".

Unlock with key

1. Check whether there is a small hole in the suitcase. This small hole is usually located next to the combination lock.

2, using a small key, insert the key into the hole and gently turn it until the lock opens.

3, if the suitcase does not provide a keyhole, you can contact the manufacturer of the suitcase or go to a professional suitcase repair shop for help.

Seek professional help

1, if you try the above methods still can not unlock the suitcase, then it is best to seek professional help.

2. Visit your local luggage repair shop, they usually have expert tools and techniques to unlock your suitcase.

3, before going to the repair shop, it is best to contact them in advance to ensure that they can provide the service of unlocking the suitcase.

preventive measure

1, in order to avoid forgetting the suitcase password, you can try to choose a new password that is easy to remember and not easy to be guessed by others.

2, you can set a common combination of numbers on the password lock for memory.

3, if you do need to record the password, it is best to keep it in a safe and secure place, rather than carrying it with your suitcase.

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