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Summary of Walmart audit work

0 Author 2021-11-09 14:10:04

  On October 22, 2021, an auditor from Walmart came to our company to inspect the factory for half a day.

  The factory had 6 years' experience on manufacturing luggage products. The main markets were SAM'S US and SAM'S Mexico, and the main clients were Ebay,Amazon,Supermarket ,Physical store,etc.

  The FCCA audit was started at 9:05 and finished at 17:05 on 22 Oct 2021. The management agreed auditors to visit the whole area of the factory and kept an open attitude during audit. Auditor conducted the audit by onsite observation, documents review and interview with management/workers. At the end, auditors discussed all findings with management. The management agreed all findings and promised to take corrective action as soon as possible.

  Most of the production machines used in the factory were kept in good level. But the lighting in some inspection, production and storage areas did not meet the client's requirement.

  Based on workers interview and onsite observation, the operators were skillful.

  The main weak points were insufficient lighting at some inspection, production and storage areas; Pest control equipment is not set correctly; some equipments were not calibrated; The recall simulation record was not completed; some materials were not identified; Equipment parameters are not effectively monitored; some finished goods were stored on the floor or against the wall and windows, and so on.

  Suggested corrective actions: add sufficient lighting at inspection, production and storage areas; equip relevant pest control facilities correctly; calibrate all equipments regularly; maintain recall simulation record completed; identify all materials clearly; maintain complete vacuum forming process temperature monitoring records; store all finished goods off the floor and away from the wall and windows, and so on.


  According to rating in "Result Summary" Sheet. The audit result is "PASS".

  The factory has adequate capacity and capability to produce Walmart products: luggage for SAM'S US and SAM'S Mexico.